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Locations has its main office in Concord at Highway #7 and #400, just north of the Walmart Super Centre.  Our Concord office is wheelchair accessible, and parking is free.

Concord Office
S&F Building
 565 Edgeley Boulevard
Concord, ON  L4K 4G4

Phone: (905) 669-7577
Fax: (905) 669-5525

Competitive Price

We frequently monitor the marketplace in order to maintain a competitive price for our legal services.  We add value for our clients by now providing the following services at no extra charge:

Leading Reputation is affiliated with Zeidman Law Offices and other legal experts to provide you with the best place to get legal services catering to your needs.’s affiliated lawyers and law clerks have developed a leading reputation in the Southern Ontario community for offering legal services to help people close their residential real estate transactions.

#1 Customer Service

Our mission at is to deliver the best service to our clients.  Each segment of our services focuses on satisfying your needs by giving you personalized assistance.  At, we understand that real estate transactions are probably the biggest financial investments you will make in your lifetime.  Our service is what sets us apart.


Our primary purpose for being is to understand your personal real estate legal needs and to fulfill them quickly at a competitive price.  We have become the best at what we do by treating all our clients with the utmost respect.

In Touch

We pride ourselves on our communication skills.  If we cannot assist you immediately when you call, the appropriate staff member will be paged or you will be given their cellular phone number.  We have extended and weekend hours, and our telephone lines are call forwarded to lawyers’ cell phones after hours.  Throughout your transaction, we keep you informed of developments so you know how your deal is moving ahead.

No Surprises

We believe that you should know all of your legal expenses before you hire us.  We provide a free quotation of our legal services so there will not be any surprises later.  You can get a free quote online, over the phone, or arrange a free appointment with one of our lawyers.  If a complicating factor affects your transaction, we will notify you immediately.

Electronic Registration

The land registry offices in the Greater Toronto Area are now fully capable of registering real estate title documents electronically.’s offices are equipped and experienced in dealing with electronic registrations.  The advantage to our clients is that we can get keys for purchasers or funds for vendors much earlier on the day of closing than lawyers who do not have electronic registration equipment in-house.

Automatic Title Insurance

Title insurance provides title protection for purchasers beyond the security that is offered traditionally by a lawyer’s opinion on title.
All lawyers should recommend title insurance to all of their real estate clients because of its advantages, but not all lawyers do.
At, we arrange title insurance policies for all our real estate clients so that they can enjoy its benefits, which are usually gained at no additional cost.

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